Establishment of Use Cases for Archived Data and Software in HEP

Date: Thursday-Friday, March 21-22, 2013

Attendees: Participants from all of the HEP experiments considering long-term data preservation and access issues, and digital librarians from participating institutions.

Purpose: (i) Establish use cases for data access and re-use, especially for the larger DPHEP data tiers, since this will be a primary driver of the preservation architecture, (ii) define what data and associated information supports the use cases, and (iii) identify a preliminary set of metadata that would serve the needs of the HEP community in accessing the various forms of archived data/algorithms.

Inputs: Preparation for the workshops will include consultation with outside disciplines already engaged in data preservation to include lessons-learned. Using something like the Data Curation Profile Toolkit, the organizers will develop a question-based framework for gathering information about: use-case scenarios for data re-use and archiving including intended audiences; current practices and policies for data use; data types; and high-level description and rights metadata necessary for discovery and access. An index of the policy issues that need to be solved for various scenarios of data access and sharing would also be compiled.

Outcomes: Document the use cases, information needed, and preliminary set of metadata.

Agenda: Click here for schedule.

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