Data Model and Query Semantics

Attendees: Active HEP researchers, CS database community, digital librarians.

Location: Fermilab or CERN

Purpose: This workshop will focus on (i) achieving a common data and query model and (ii) how to semantically integrate this data into other data sources and institutional archives. The long-term viability of a body of data relies on having a comprehensive logical model of the data that is distinct from the physical organization. Each of the LHC experiments has a different approach to this problem; achieving a common solution is a primary goal. A key feature will be discussions on how the consumers of the data may wish to query and explore the data in future years.

Inputs: Preliminary metadata defined in workshops 1 and 2, and the data model prototyping activity will be developed into a draft data model and query semantics based on publicly available documents from the individual experiments.

Outcomes: A refined description of the data model, a draft of the query semantics with a selection of physics use cases and implications for the implementation.