Workshops and Events

A series of workshops will contribute to the Polar RCN themes of 1) advancing the science challenge question requiring use of high-resolution remote sensing images, 2) building partnerships and collaborations between polar and cyber/computer scientists, 3) educating and training the next generation of polar scientists in HPDC skills, and 4) advancing connections between data management/cyberinfrastructure and HPDC communities in the context of polar science support.

The nine workshops span four categories: Community Workshops, Technical Workshops, Hackathons, and Training Sessions. Three Community Workshops aim to bridge the gap between polar science and HPDC in terms of communication, terminology, connections, collaborations, and direction. Two of these Community Workshops will be immediately followed by Hackathons with the purpose of partnering polar scientists with computer scientists to tackle practical applications of Polar HPDC. Two Technical Workshops are aimed at implementation. Finally, the Training Session will be specifically devoted to enhance HPDC training, education, and outreach for polar scientists.

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