Steering Committee

The Polar RCN Steering Committee represents the full spectrum of polar and HPDC expertise, as well as scientists and educators who touch multiple areas. The domain connections provided by these cross-disciplinary experts place this Polar RCN at the intersection of snow and polar hydrology, polar biogeography, computer science, education, data curation, informatics, remote sensing, satellite imaging, cyberinfrastructure and HPDC. Incorporating both computer- and geo-science perspectives, the Steering Committee is tasked with ensuring that:

  1. all Polar RCN activities are coordinated and support a common vision
  2. all perspectives are appropriately represented in all RCN activities
  3. RCN activities and outcomes are integrated with external communities
  4. the RCN is strategically placed in the broader context of other EarthCube initiatives.

Gerlis Fugmann

Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS)

Executive Director of APECS since 2013, background in comparative economic development, resource development and Northern engagement in innovation and the knowledge economy.

Eric Larour

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project manager of Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), leader in ice sheet modeling and quantifying ice sheet impacts on sea levels, community connections, articulating requirements.

Chris Mattmann

University of Southern California/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Specialized in open source, sustainable software tool development, computer science education and training. Polar cyberinfrastructure PI collaborating with polar domain scientists.

Paul Morin

Polar Geospatial Center (PGC)

Polar infrastructure and data service provider with strong community engagement and an established track record of outreach and training.

Anne Nolin

Oregon State University

Polar science expertise, snow community leader, modeling expertise, advocate for technical interventions, potential early adopter, articulating requirements.

Craig Stewart

Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute

Principal investigator for the NSF-funded Jetstream project, computational infrastructure provider for the polar science community as starting point for cross-disciplinary engagement, interaction with national cyberinfrastructure ex. XSEDE.

Lynn Yarmey

Research Data Alliance (RDA)

Expert in community development, data curation, data mangement, cyberinfrastructure, and informatics. Former NSIDC PI.